Easy Spaghetti for one

Published February 28, 2012 by Ninik Becker

Photo by Ninik Becker

Just tried this very simple meal this afternoon when my stomach growling but a bit lazy to think what best to eat. And when I open the fridge, I see a little bunch of spaghetti that only little left.

So , my eyes goes to 2 cute tomatoes in the corner of my fridge and finally I just take out 1 egg to go with  them.

Photo by Ninik Becker

I still don’t know what I am going to make with these three, I only know that I want something hot and yummy and easy. And also not so long to cook. B’coz I already hungry…..

So I open my pantry and take out some of my favorite herbs. Oregano, parsley, basil, chilli flake and of course salt and pepper. I decided not use oil this time, bco’z I fill like still have much oil in my body after last night dinner with ribs cooked in tomatoes and some Asian seasoning.

Well let me cook now my meal okay ?

Photo by Ninik Becker

So, here it is the recipe of my very simple meal this afternoon.


  • Spaghetti for one portion, cook follow the direction on the pack
  • 2 small tomatoes, cut into chunk
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 tbsp low fat margarine
  • salt and pepper
  • dried oregano, parsley, basil,chilli flake, garlic flake


  • heat pan in medium heat, put margarine it it
  • add the tomatoes, and stir for a while, add beaten egg
  • stir well to prevent burn
  • add all the seasoning and stir well
  • put hot cooked spaghetti on the plate, put the tomatoes eggs over it
  • sprinkle with fried garlic flake
  • enjoy!

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