Asparagus Breakfast

Published May 24, 2014 by Ninik Becker

asparagus breakfast

Talk about asparagus, I like this vegetable. For breakfast, brunch, or dinner  ( I like more the green one). For my Asparagus Breakfast today I pair it with whole grain bread, loaded with seeds. My favorite bread all time.

But my husband is not a fan of this vegetable. Not at all. So when I make this asparagus for breakfast mean only for me. Since asparagus only sell in a bunch, then I have to eat all alone, in a few ways of course.

Last Saturday before we have coffee with mother in law, she asked for meeting us in farmer market not far from Flohmarkt , as she said. There she was busy choosing white asparagus. She like to enjoy it with Hollandaise sauce. Ist Spargelzeit in Deutschland. Mostly white asparagus.

Then yesterday I saw beautiful green one in the local supermarket. And I pick a bunch of radish too.

fresh asparagus and red raddish

Let’s make very simple asparagus breakfast my way.


  • green asparagus, the number is up to you
  • egg, the number is up to you
  • bread ( I use whole grain bread )
  • a bit of red radish if you like
  • salt and freshly crack mix pepper
  • a little olive oil
  • margarine for spread the bread

Cut the hard end of asparagus, wash and boil until cooked but still crunchy.

Clean and slice the red radish.

Make a sunny side egg with a little olive oil.

Slice the bread and toast.

asparagus breakfast

asparagus breakfast

Spread toasted bread with margarine/butter, top with fresh sliced radish, top with boiled asparagus, top with fried egg and season with salt and pepper, top with the other slice of bread. Oh, I sprinkle my egg with cayenne pepper powder too, because I like it for more kick.

Enjoy super duper simple asparagus breakfast.

asparagus breakfast


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