Hard Rock Cafe Heidelberg

Published November 23, 2014 by Ninik Becker

Hard Rock Cafe Heidelberg

This time I’m not in the mood to writing recipe, I just want to share some food pictures  that I shots from short trip in early Autumn this year in Heidelberg. One of old town in Germany and only about 3 hours driving from home.

Since this is food blog, so I just want to share about picture of foods and not about the conditions and atmosphere in this city.

Like what you see here that every chair outside cafe has blanket. We chose to seat outside.

Hard Rock Cafe Heidelberg

I think this HRC  small and quieter than other HRC I’ve ever visited. Compare to HRC Bali or even New Delhi. Quiet means, no frenetic music, no sexy dancer on the stage, or the drunk, no guitar symbol, and when Big Bear asking for T Shirt the waitress said they don’t sell Hard Rock Cafe T Shirt.

The waiter was also limited because we had long wait to order and long arrival of food.

In Germany, mostly every café, restaurant or even food stall like Curry Wurst stall, always have a thick, yellow, puffy, buttery, well seasoned and generous Pommes Frites. Happy tummy !

Hard Rock Cafe Heidelberg

One more difference here is there is ‘Student Price’ and of course special for students. Perhaps because there are several universities in this city, many students stop by to eat.

Big Bear’s order, Puten Schnitzel Sigeunersosse mit pommes (Turkey Schnitzel Gipsy Sauce with French Fries). Crusty Schnitzel, delicious sauce.

Schnitzel in Hard Rock Cafe Heidelberg

Plus Salad. In Germany many café or restaurant give free salad like this. I wish the dressing put on the side.

Salad in HRC Heidelberg

My order, Rindwurst Sauerkraut mit Pommes (Beef Sausage, Sauerkraut and French Fries). The Cranberry Juice was great. The Sauerkraut balanced the beef sausage that slightly salty and the colour is red, compare to pork sausages.

Beef sausage in HRC Heidelberg

Okay, after down the street from end to end and then back again, stop to see interesting things, stop to take shots of us, in the cool Autumn weather, of course eating comfort food needs as energy charger ha ha .. A sinful food is good !

We stopped by to buy some souvenirs and of course foods.

Beer Jelly Candy in glass.

Beer Jelly candy

Pumpkin Liquor from South Korea. The guy offer us to try but we didn’t interesting. I have asked permission to photograph him and he agreed.

Pumpkin liquor stand, Heidelberg

Gundel. This Bakery has established hundreds of years ago and until now always crowded.

Gundel, Heidelberg

Mandelberg or Almond Mountain. Look like meringue to me.


Many kind of classic and modern bread, cakes and cookies in this bakery. They deliberately place it at the window to attract tourists. Some group of tourists from some country even staying there so long discussing about how to make like that in their country.

Gundel bakery, Heidelberg

Gundel Bakery

Sneeballen or Snowballs. About 3 € up per piece. This is in other bakery special selling Sneeballen with different flavour.


Happy travelling and try local foods !


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