Snacking along Hohestrasse-Köln

Published December 18, 2014 by Ninik Becker


Entered the city of Cologne should be careful with the radar on the road, they are loads !

I like Cologne but I think and many people think that the radar along the city street are too much. One of my friend from France that just moved here, even got 18 Strafzettel in a month, poor him.

Big Bear once got fine before entering the tunnel. Only €10 anyway, but it could make him cranky because it was the first time he got a fine in history of his driving since he was 18.

I’ve been many times visited this place for variety of purposes. First, because this place is not so far from home, and because it close to Dom Kölner as well, second because I like shopping, third because I often hunting fabric for my dress-making hobby, fourth because I like walks hand in hand with Big Bear along this Hohestrasse or in English, Hohe street which is mostly crowded. There are some group in the front of bakery munching the goodness with both hands handling goodie bag, there are some doing endless selfie and of course the shopper.

We like to enjoy the various flavors of soft Pretzels, or Berliners with different fillings, or Giant Pretzel, or pretzel that loaded with almonds, sipping hot coffee or cappuccino or stop at Currywurst stand, and so on and so on.

Currywurst stand near Köln train station.

Currywurst stand

Currywurst mit Pommes and coffee to go.

Currywurst mit pommes und kaffee

Merzenich Brotkultur seit 1896. Bakery that always crowded.

Merzenich bakery

Soft, puffy, delicious Berliner ! Cheap.


Those hanging Pretzels that loaded with almond flakes asking to be eaten, my favorite.

Almond Pretzels

Giant Pretzels. They are really huge !

Giant Pretzels

What in the world eating mature coconut flesh ? In Indonesia mature coconut only use to make coconut milk for cooking. But to enjoy as a snack? Maybe the German seller considered that mature coconut flesh is one of fresh tropical fruit that ready to be eaten. Alright, new experience.

Nur 1 Euro per Stück (piece) in tropical fruit stand.


Walk from start to end and back again with lots of shopping bags, we will be here again for different purposes, but shopping is must and the Pretzels.


Happy travelling and try local foods !


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