Asparagus Brötchen Sandwich

Published May 5, 2015 by Ninik Becker

Asparagus Brötchen Sandwich


Asparagus Brötchen Sandwich recipe by Ninik Becker.

When you are in Germany, you will find this sturdy, plump, crusty, and chewy bread rolls called Brötchen everywhere. This is one of the reasons that I like about Germany. I have tried once in the past to make at home and it turned out not bad but of course I couldn’t beat the bakery which has made those tempting rolls a million times over the decades.

German Brötchen

Fresh green asparagus

There is no exact recipe for this sandwich, use anything you like to put between the bread and grill until the cheese melts. I prefer the cheese just slightly melted, enough as the glue to unite ingredients stick together and won’t be splattered when cut into pieces.

Asparagus Brötchen Sandwich


Ingredients : for one

  • one Brötchen. Slice open into two.
  • some green asparagus, break and remove the hard part. Blanch a few minutes, drain.
  • a dollop of herb cream cheese, or more.
  • a few slices of salami/bacon/ham/smoked meat/anything you like. Egg will work too.
  • a slice of cheese (in this recipe I use Gouda cheese).
  • extra hot chilli powder (optional).
  • a little butter.


Toast the Brötchen.

Toast Brötchen

Spread base cut of the bread with herb cream cheese, stuff with blanched asparagus.

Asparagus Brötchen Sandwich

Add a few slices of salami and a slice of Gouda cheese fold into two. Drizzle some extra hot Indian chilli powder. Cover with the other slice of bread.

Asparagus Brötchen Sandwich

Heat a little butter in the pan, grill the sandwich by pressing the top with strong spatula or smaller pan (I did) or anything heavy enough to press the Brötchen slightly flat. Grill until you see the cheese melted. Transfer onto serving plate. Or onto chopping board like me.

Grilled Brötchen Sandwich

Grab with both hands and eat directly just like that, or cut into pieces for easy eating.

Asparagus Brötchen Sandwich

Asparagus Brötchen sandwich

Guten Appetit !




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